Sounds For a Calm Mind: Meditation and Magnetic Sound Bath 

Thursday, Apr 20 @ 8-9pm

Tranquil sounds from magnetic energy provide an immersive meditative listening experience for relaxation, contemplation, and clarity.  Created by sound artist and creative technologist MJ Caselden, magnetic sound bath creates mantra-like vibrations that help you find deep states of rest. The benefits of sound bath meditation have been reported to relax brain-wave patterns, lower heart rate, reduce stress and pain, and relieve anxiety.  

Participants of our sound baths have experienced deep relaxation that created an awareness of passing thoughts, memories, and visions. Magnetic Sound has been featured in healing and art spaces around the world, including the Catskill Zendo Monastery, The Alchemist's Kitchen, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and Cosmo Art and Science Foundation.

During the meditation, participants will also enjoy a complimentary aromatherapy experience by Christina Daigneault, founder of Orchard Aromatherapy and co-author of forthcoming book, Plant-Powered Beauty

Sound bath meditation is presented by Bliss Without Bother, a wellness retreat planning service that supports wellness instructors, private groups, and organizations in planning the memorable event they envision. Because why not bliss without the bother?

Free for CWC members.  Early Bird: $34  General Ticket: $40